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⚡️Vajrapadama Mudra – TRUST⚡️

~Trust that what you love is safe~

“This mudra is the seal of unshakable confidence. It builds trust in a higher power, and is a great ally on the spiritual path. To do this mudra interlace the tips of you fingers with open palms. Place this mudra over your heart center and breathe, inviting trust and confidence in yourself, in your life path, and in divine support.”

Vinyasa Yoga Offerings

~ Kaya Yoga Studio, Davis CA. Check the studio website for current schedule,

~ University of California Davis. Sign up for a quarter of weekly yoga classes or a series of private lessons through the Mind Body program

~ Wellness at your work space. Corporate yoga class series, workshops or ongoing classes at your office. Contact me to inquire about rates and set up a trial class.

~ Private Yoga. Develop a personalized yoga practice at home that is specialized for you! Contact me to inquire about rates and set up a trial class.

Tamara offers a yoga practice that is fluid and smooth, yet powerful and challenging. It will bring movement and balance to the Pranas (vital energies) in your body, and a pathway to access the tranquility that arrises when we recognize the core Truth of our being.  Her classes gently guide you to move your body with the rhythm of the breathe and release the tensions we hold in our bodies.  She will inspire you to tap into your sense of self-love by honoring and celebrating yourself just the way you are today.

In addition to anatomy and alignment based yoga practices, Tamara is also a dedicated student of Traditional Tantra Yoga from Kashmir India, meditation and mindfulness practices. These philosophies and practices are the core inspiration in her yoga classes to guide students into a deeper inquiry about their being, moving from the most obvious forms of the physical body, into the recognition of more subtle layers of the Self. Tamara will often share myths, mantras and mudras of traditional Tantrik yoga in her classes to inspire and guide you into a deeper and fuller yoga experience.

Tamara’s unique Yoga style has been influenced by many schools and teachers over 20 years of her Yoga career. It all began with Ashtanga Yoga at age 18 in Cali, Colombia. When she came to California in 2005 she discovered the school of Anusara Yoga and one of her most inspirational teacher, Sianna Sherman. Tamara continues to study Rasa Yoga with Sianna today completing 500 certified Yoga Alliance hours of teacher training.

Other influential teachers include Ayurveda doctor and Shadow Yoga teacher Scott Blossom, and vinyasa yoga teacher Janet Stone.