Beloved Krishna
    When you hear the sweet melody of the beloved resonating in your heart, nothing will stop you from running towards his embrace! Lapislázuli, clear crystal and gold. Mantra: Om Klim Krishnaya Namaha
    Divine Play
    Lalita Tripurasundari is the Goddess energy of erotic love play. She is the embodiment of sensual desire and the motivating force of creation. She is sweet, generous, playful and fertile. Her Mālā is made of soft rose quartz and peach tones of moonstone, delicately ornamented with gold. Mantra: Om Shri Tripurasundaryai Namaha
    Earth Goddess
    Bhuvaneshvari is the goddess of the manifest creation, the universal earth mother. All creation is Bhuvaneshvari’s body, all illusions her play, and all beings within it are her ornaments. Mantra: Om Bhur Bhuvaneshvawayai Namaha
    Lalitas Love
    Lalita Tripurasundari, she who is lovely in all three worlds, is known in the Tantric tradition to be the Goddess of sensual desire... the motivating force of creation. This equisite Mālā is made with a playful combination of small and larger fasceted agatha, rose quartz, opaque quartz, moonstone, conche and silver ornaments. The Guru bead…
    Maha Shivaratri
    The great night of Shiva, Maha Shivaratri… the night when we gather to praise Lord Shiva and repeat his mantra. Shiva is he who dances the world into being while marking the rhythm of time with his damaru drum. Powerful mālā created with facetted light and blue agatha, opaline and moonstone adorned with silver. Moonstone…
    Parā Devi
    Parā Devi is the primordial Goddess from the Shrividya tantric tradition. She embodies the virtues of intuition, divine knowledge, creative inspiration and unconditional love. She is said to have a crystal body that shines as bright as sunlight reflected upon snow! This Mālā inspired in Parā Devi is made with clear crystal, moonstone, conch and silver ornaments.…